About Us

Since First Grade is a collaborative blog by two best friends currently living 2,733 miles apart. BFK and BFL have been best friends since first grade… and without giving our exact ages away, we’ve been best friends for over three decades! Sometimes life gets in the way, or words are difficult to say, or because of the time difference, the timing’s just not the best to have a deep conversation. Expressing those words in a blog may provide the emotional release we both need to declutter our minds and provide a way for us to support each other when time/energy permits. In a way, this blog can serve as an extension of our friendship and the hope is for it to be an outlet to share about and document our lives – the good, the creative, the funny, the sad, and the bad. Our acronym, BFFSFGSMFL, is what this blog is about… Best Friends Forever Since First Grade Soul Mates For Life.