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Just one of those days…

Today was just one of those days. You know those days that feel like much more work than it’s worth? It felt like I needed much more oomph just to push through and not give up and walk away. And I felt like I needed to muster up every last bit of what I had left in me… and it was only 2 hours into my work day. I felt myself digging deep… real deep. It got me through… at least until lunchtime. Then my favorite Korean food got me through lunch and the next couple of hours… until I felt like giving up again. So I went to spend a few minutes with my Grandma. And you know what Grandma told me when I (half) jokingly told her that I wish I could retire already (I’m 20+ years away from retirement)… she said I need to be grateful because there are many people out there who want jobs but can’t find one. And just like that, I felt better, and like my feelings throughout the day were insignificant.

And as I lay here with my son as he settles in for the night, my original post got erased, random letters got inserted, my phone fell on my face, my phone fell  on the floor (more than once), and at one point everything was highlighted blue. I might’ve nodded off more than a handful of times. Because I had one of those days… and having one of those days like I had today is exhausting.


Work and Depression


Right now, I have four other draft posts sitting unfinished on my other blog (mind you, I just started posting again on that blog only a week ago). And about 100 unfinished craft projects. Not to mention the thousands of dollars worth of crafting/artistic supplies I one day had big (huge) dreams for. I read this article that one of my friends posted on Facebook, and I felt like I totally could relate (minus the immigrant references, but I think I somewhat understand).